About us

Our Product

www.mymotofix.com is a two-in-one online vehicle repair platform that gives customers access to curated vehicle repair workshops and warranty-backed auto replacement parts that they can pay for in monthly installments.

MyMotoFix is a safe place where customers can find reliable mechanics that have an incentive to do the best possible job at the best price. Customers book a mechanic for repairs and deposit in escrow, the repair fee agreed with the mechanic for the job. This ensures that the mechanic only receives the money after the customer confirms that the job has been completed satisfactorily. Customers can use either their current mechanics or mechanics they hire on our platform to place orders for replacement parts with us. The customer receives the invoice for the purchase from us and makes payment to us directly. In most cases*, the parts will come with warranties to provide the customer with confidence about his/her purchase.

Customers can locate pre-screened mechanics based on location, rating, cost and specialty/expertise (skill area e.g. AC, electrical etc.). Customers and mechanics will use our platform to confirm their agreement.

What we offer customer and service providers:

  • Matching of customers to mechanics: We make it possible for customers to find mechanics they might not ordinarily know existed. The mechanics also offer them the best deal and quality of service. We make it possible for talented mechanics to be easily found by customers.
  • Escrow services: The platform matches customers with mechanics and assures customers that services will be delivered in an accountable manner through the use of an escrow and arbitration process. It guarantees mechanics that they will receive payment for their services and not have to chase customers for their money after completing their work.
  • Payment for spare parts in installments: We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their repair services, so we want them to use high quality parts that they can afford. To achieve this, we offer (subject to our approval) customers an option to pay for spare parts purchase in monthly installments


When we source spare parts for customers to complete repairs, we try our very best to get the highest quality parts at the lowest price possible. We typically aim to provide warranty of up to 3 months on such purchases, subject to the following exceptions:

Exceptions to warranty

  • Shock absorbers
  • Fuel pump

Our Company

MyMotoXE is the product owner of MyMotoFix. Our goal with MyMotoFix is to improve the vehicle ownership experience for customers in Nigeria by doing the following things:

  • We make it possible and convenient for customers to find the best mechanic for their vehicle at any point in time
  • We create an incentive for mechanics to provide the best possible level of service by ensuring they only get paid after they deliver their services properly
  • We make it possible for customers to evaluate the quality of mechanics through ratings provided by other customers
  • We make it possible for customers to afford paying for high quality replacement parts for their vehicles
  • We share technical knowledge and customer service tips with mechanics so they can continuously improve their skill and service level

We are a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in auto repair expertise, auto replacement parts sourcing, information technology and operations.

MyMotoFix is one of the products of MyMotoXE (www.mymoto-xe.com), a brand of Rivermews Limited, a Company incorporated in Nigeria.